Thursday, February 11, 2010

Littering: the "Deal-Breaker"

Today I went to look at a little duplex near Wiggins Pass beach in North Naples. Cute location, disgusting living arrangements. When we pulled in, the owner wasn't there yet, so Raph and I decided to scope it out. There was a McDonald's bag in the front "yard" with other various wrappers and trash inside it. There was a bag of mulch with weeds and grass overgrown around and on top of it. I say "yard" in quotations because it was more like: here is my plot of land, and whatever grows here, grows. No mowing, no weeding, no landscaping whatsoever. And it gets better: when the owner got there, he kicked the newspaper that was on the sidewalk into the yard. I guess people don't actually read newspapers, apparently they are lawn decor. When he unlocked the door, there were dead cockroaches on the floor! He said, "man, I don't know why these roaches are here." I could give you a few hints, buddy. The bedroom had hinges for a door, but no door. He said, "the guy that lives in the other half was supposed to clean up and mow the lawn, but I guess he hasn't gotten to it yet." Ha! I'll bet he never does! Needless to say, I will not be living there. Disgusting. It's bad enough when people litter on public property, but when you have no respect for your own yard, we have a problem.

This leads me to my next point. The lovely Miss Victoria reminded me recently that littering is a "deal breaker." For those of you who don't know, a "deal-breaker" is that one facet of someone's personality that can cause his/her love interest to walk away and never, ever look back- despite an otherwise flawless connection.

Keep America Beautiful, Inc. conducted some research several years ago, and found, "twice as many males litter as females, and that adults under the age of 35 are twice as likely to litter as people aged 35-49, and three times more likely to litter than people over 50."

I guess that news is not so shocking. You have to wonder, if this person is so lazy as to throw their trash in the street instead of waiting a measly five minutes to get to the nearest trash can, in what other areas might he/she be lazy? I'm not sure I could trust a litterer to put food on the table. You also have to ask yourself, if this person has such little respect for this road, this street, this beach, this parking lot or even his own yard, how much respect will he have for me? Ladies? If a man can't respect the world he lives in, I don't imagine he'd have much respect for you either. And if the guy who lives in other half of my duplex (new-era folks call these "villas," however this place was a "duplex" if I ever saw one) doesn't even respect his own yard, do you think he will respect me enough to turn the music down at four in the morning? Do you think the landlord who has no respect for the property he owns, will have any respect for his poor tenant when the A/C breaks? I doubt it.

The point is, littering is disgusting. I am not the most "green" person you could ever meet. I don't even recycle religiously. But littering just says so many wretched things about a person. When my friend Victoria told me about a date gone awry, she said, "and then, he threw his trash right there in the parking lot. Desha, I think that was the deal-breaker." I gasped in complete agreement. I wonder what that guy's yard looks like. :::shuddder:::

Anyway, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there are many respectable, hard-working litterers out there. Maybe they've all been stereotyped by the non-littering citizens, doomed forever to be downtrodden and victimized by the rest of us. But I'd like to know, why do they do it? I'll go out on a limb here and say that their answers will almost always have undertones of laziness and disrespect in them.

Now interviewing: litterbugs wanted.

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  1. Very insightful!! I highly doubt that there are hardworking litterers out there, because if there were, they would work hard to walk to the nearest receptacle and throw their trash away instead of hardly working by throwing it on the ground!!!


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