Thursday, May 13, 2010

Desha? WOW, now THAT'S an unusual name...

I probably get asked, at least once a day, where my name comes from. The answer is that it was my great-grandmother's name, on my Dad's side. My mom liked it, so that became my name. But sadly, that answer is not enough for people. They want to know what country it's from. SO, you see that lady in the picture above? Her name was Desha. Desha Delteil, a Yugoslavian model and dancer. She has kind of a big nose like I do, so maybe I really do have some Yugoslavian in the blood line. Or maybe great-grandma Desha's parents liked the model and named her after Delteil. Either way, I just want everyone to know that I have absolutely no idea where the name is from. (Relatives reading this: feel free to comment.) But, just for kicks, here are some more photos of Ms. Delteil:

Also worth mentioning is that I am in no way related to or associated with the singing sensation Ke$ha. My name does not have a dollar sign in it and I don't brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack. Just good ol' fashioned Colgate.

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