Sunday, May 23, 2010

Put on a clean dress. Or a homemade skirt!

In honor of the aforementioned seamstresses in my life, I feel as though I must share this AMAZING post I found on sewliberated:

I sent this one to my mother, who upon receiving, called me and said, "you know, that is really great advice!" Originally I had just found it hysterical, but when you think about it, it truly is great advice. How much better do we feel when our house is clean and we look our best? Then we can sit down and waste time on whatever we like! Speaking of wasting time... here is my latest project:

It is only missing the zipper in the back, which will be added tomorrow.(hence no pictures of the back). When I started working on this, my boyfriend goes, "you're going to make a skirt out of that crazy fabric?" My friends, this fabric is indeed crazy. It is not just the print that makes it so- it is the origin. Even though my mother does not seem to be able to remember giving this to me, it was once Mamie's. Mamie was my great-grandmother on Mom's side, mother to Granny. Mamie is presumably where the younger Dawes women got their insanity from, affectionately referred to in our family as the "Mamie syndrome." Luckily for me, I don't have any of that in me. (Don't ask Raph if this is a true statement. Whatever he says is a lie.) Anyway, yes I did make a skirt out of it, and yes I will wear it and refer to it as the "Mamie skirt," a constant reminder of my mentally unstable heritage! My favorite part of this little frock is the fabric flower, which I am completely obsessed with making. I have bunches.

I made the above out of the old futon cover material, and attached it to one of my new homemade pillow covers! These really are a delight to make and super easy. I am thinking that next time I lay out by the pool I can take some fabric and thread and stitch up a bunch. These are trendy for headbands, pins and jewelry. Plus, the one on my skirt has a homemade fabric button on it, which I am also obsessed with making- mostly because they are easy to create, and I have no patience for anything too complex or difficult. By the way, I am not lying about the trendiness of these things: Express, Betsey Johnson, and Neiman Marcus sell them, just to name a few.

Next project: dog bed for Maverick! Stay tuned.

By the way, for those of you who feel this blog has gone decidedly girly, you are right. For now. This is why the sections listed at the top are titled, "My Many Personalities." It's what I do. (Side note: I do believe what Mamie had was schizophrenia;) )

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  1. You are adorable. It's your many personalities that keep our friendship so adventurous!! ;)


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