Wednesday, July 21, 2010

15 Minute Do-It-Yourself Fabric Flowers

A little tutorial for the crafty ones!  Since I've mentioned before that I am obsessed with making these fabric flowers, I figured I'd include a tutorial and some pictures of some of my recent creations.  You don't need a sewing machine for this, or too much ability (which is why I love it!).  For this little project, you'll need: needle and thread, fabric of your choice (I recommend two different colors or patterns that complement each other), button kits and safety pins.

1. Iron your fabric (sometimes I'm lazy and I decide not to do this, and I always regret it later).
2. Cut out your flowers!  I'll upload some patterns later, but you can really make your own.  I cut out four flowers in four different sizes, two on each fabric.  I started by drawing the flowers on the back of the fabric.

3. Now you can make your button!  Using your button kit (can be found at Jo-Ann Fabric or Michael's), cut out a circle of fabric that is slightly larger than your button, and using the tools in the kit, you'll have the button done in no time.

4. Now you'll lay all four flowers on top of one another, with the largest of course on the bottom and the smallest on top.  Fold in half and stitch right along the folded edge, in the center of the flower.
5. Fold in half in the opposite direction and create a new small stitch.  The purpose of the stitching is just to create a gather in the center of your flower.  To give it a little oomph, if you will.
6. Now you'll stitch your button into the middle of your flower, making sure to go through the center metal loop of the button several times to secure.  And voila!  You have your lovely fabric flower:
7. I must add this, since I left it out earlier.  It is a good idea to hot-glue a round felt circle to the back of your flower, hiding the back of the safety pin.  This will make it look pretty and profesh:)

It is worth mentioning that for certain types of fabric, you may want to use a fabric stiffener, or extra layers to create fullness.  Also, I didn't use any anti-fray product, so my flowers have unfinished edges that will fray a bit, but I think that adds to the look.

Here is another I made and attached to a necklace.  You can pin these on your blazer, your bag or even a skirt.  (See my previous post)

Feel free to comment if you have questions or suggestions, or to share what you've made!

Other fabric flower tutorials:


  1. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to send one of these in the mail to a friend (or your mother)? Kind of like the Trolly Cards site you mentioned on this blog. Great business idea!

  2. These are awesome! I love!

  3. Thanks Kristen! I'm so glad you like them:) I'll do a giveaway sometime soon... stay tuned!


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