Sunday, July 18, 2010


Feeling a bit helpless today after the realization that my car is making a horrific clanking noise when I drive. I was planning on going for a jog on the beach and then running some errands, but all of that came to a screeching halt when I started to drive out of my condo's parking lot. "Kerplunk, kerplunk, kerplunk..." or maybe it was more like, "clankety-clank, clankety-clank," or even just, "chttt, chttt, chttt..." :::sigh::: My personal mechanic, aka Raph, is working alllll day and therefore cannot come to my rescue. So I thought, well, maybe I can do some investigative work. I mean, how hard can fixing cars really be? I popped the hood. Good first step, I thought. Very female-mechanic of me. I looked. Everything looked, err, normal.

Of course then I figured I would examine each tire, because the noise seemed to be in sync with their rotations. And the tires also looked normal. To me. And as far as I could see under the car and behind the tires, everything looked as normal as a girl could hope for. I'm not sure what I was really looking for, in retrospect, considering I know very little about cars. I was looking for some hanging piece, holding on by a thread to the gadgets around it. And if I had found that, at least I could google, "hanging piece under left front wheel of 01 Camry." And maybe at least I could have proudly told my boyfriend, whenever he finally gets off of work, "the such and such on my car is broken, but fear not: I have already strolled over to Advanced Auto Parts (Auto Zone? Are they the same?) and purchased a new one. Honey, all you have to do is install it!" Of course, this would never be the real-life scenario, because cars aren't quite that easy, and I'm not quite that clever. So, dejected, I came back upstairs.

I called Christine, the closest person I know to a mechanic besides Raph, and she said something about the ball joints, which was nice to know but since I can't actually do anything about it, it only left me feeling more fearful. Ball joints? Is that bad? How much will it cost? Should I just buy a new car? Again, sigh.

I did try googling the whole mess, but to no avail. I vacuumed. I cleaned out my car. I laid out by the pool. I took two showers. Being trapped at your condo all by your lonesome is no fun, my friends. So now, I sit in suspense, awaiting the return of my personal mechanic. I keep hoping he'll show up and look at it and say, "Oh honey, it's just this thing right here..." and move a couple little gadgets around and voila! Fixed! But sadly, I know my poor little car is on her last leg. It may be time for us to part ways. And if it's not quite that time, I have a feeling getting her up-and-running again is not going to be a fun task.

Meanwhile, I did find this cute little desktop wallpaper. My car may cost me a gazillion dollars by the time this is all over, but at least some things in life are free! (Like personal mechanics!)

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