Sunday, August 15, 2010

Busy Bee!

Ahh, I have been such a busy little lady for the past few weeks.  I moved to a new branch location, so I've been getting adjusted there.  Vegas is less than a month away, so I have been prepping for that.  And of course I've been working on my shop, desha.  I've even had some custom orders!  Here are a few peeks of some items I've made and sold locally:

I was reading an article on Scoutie Girl today about what does and does not qualify as "handmade."  I'll admit I often grapple with the idea myself.  I agree that simply purchasing manufactured products and stringing them together doesn't really qualify as completely "handmade," unless the finished product serves a purpose or fulfills a niche that is completely unique.

However, there are many goals that entrepreneurs/crafters have when creating their products.  They are looking to be unique and creative because that is what drives them.  People who have a creative spirit are always dreaming of making pieces that blow others away because of their sheer originality.  But on the flip side: if it sells, it sells.  Sometimes people like the same ol' same ol'.  I have discovered that with my pieces.  I do get many compliments on the more unique items.  But the "safer," more typical products are what tends to sell.  People like safety and comfort.  We're all trying to start a revolution of course, turning our dreams into reality and sharing them with the world.  But hey- a girl's gotta make a living.  Sometimes safety sells.

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