Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tory Burch and Inspiration in the Strangest of Places

Oh, how I love my clients (some days!). A lovely couple, who are business clients of the bank, stopped by today to give me a magazine published by the company of which their business is a subsidiary. The magazine name is "GG: Global Guide." They are a lovely, affluent couple living in Naples but from Germany, where the magazine publisher is located. And I must admit that for the simple fact that they dropped off this magazine for me, I adore them.

This month's feature: Women at Work. How conveniently inspiring! In it I have already found a new hero, Tory Burch.  She is absolutely gorgeous and successful, and she's married with six kids. I love successful career women who value family as much as their work. It gives the rest of us hope that we can hold onto traditional values and have a stab at our dreams.

PLUS, she has a totally amazing accessory line that features none other than nautical jewelry! (Did I mention I've been obsessed with the nautical princess idea?) Here are some of her pieces:

She also blogs (get out!). Well, I guess everyone blogs these days- but blogs by trade-masters are far more interesting and so well-worth the read. So I will be spending time with Tory's blog tonight. After church. Add it to the calendar. I better brush up on my juggling skills if I aspire to ever be anything like Tory!

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