Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Knit Shine

Excited to say that my crafting adventures have extended into revisiting my short-lived stint with knitting.  Steph taught me in college, and I think I got about halfway through a scarf and gave up.  That is not at all unusual for me.  In fact, pretty much every one of my endeavors is a blast from the past: a tweaked, polished-up version of a trial in a previous life.

I am pleased to share the Festive Felted Garland tutorial from the Purl Bee:
Image from the Purl Bee

I would go ahead and commit to doing all of my holiday decorating with crafty items, but we all know I simply don't have the patience for that.  Maybe someday I will have that much time, but honestly I hope not (unless I'm being paid for it). 

I titled this post "knit shine," because I thought about how knitting can add a new element to my already past-my-current-abilities crafting repertoire.  I found some pretty sweet you tube knitting videos, so let the games begin.  I'll keep you posted on my progress, which until further notice will be little to none considering I still have three bridesmaid necklace and earring sets to make. 

A few other reasons why my progress is stalled:

  • I do, you know, have a completely separate full-time job as a banker.
  • Raph and I have been tirelessly waging a war against homeownership.  So far, we are losing.  There has been a lot of bloodshed.
  • I have been daydreaming about what to ask Santa for this year... can anyone say Emerson Made???  I am completely obsessed with anything and everything from this website:

  • What I really need is a sewing machine.  I tried to hint at my mother that perhaps her old, completely not-used-at-all, collecting dust machine could serve a better purpose in my house.  She either did not get the hint or graciously ignored me.  The latter is more likely true.
  • Thanksgiving is next week!  Should I cook something?  (Most of what I make doesn't turn out very well.  Breads, however, I am good at.  Banana nut bread?  Corny corn bread?  What shall it be?)  All I know is we will be going to a HOCKEY GAME the night before the big Turkey Day, and when you have hockey, what more do you need?
That's all for tonight, folks.  It is way past my bed time.

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