Monday, November 29, 2010

My Stuff in a Store?

I was recently approached by a gal from The Franklin Shops and asked if I'd be interested in selling my products at her location.  I will admit, at first I was super excited!  To think, someone wants to sell my stuff in her store!  But then I realized that this particular store is a like a giant space for many little boutiquers.  You rent out a space- small, medium or large, and they take care of the staffing, the payment processing, the everything.  It is quite a neat little concept, and the shop really does look like it will be super cool.

The shops are scheduled to have their grand opening on December 17th, and I must say I have given it some serious consideration.  For a small price, I could have my accessories in a brand-new shop in downtown Fort Myers, opening right before the holidays and season.  Here is some press I found about the shops.  What do you think?

If nothing else, go take a gander when it opens!  I think it will be worth your while!

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  1. Go for it Desh! Your stuff is amazing and so are you :) ~Stepherz


Thanks for the feedback! I LOVE it:)