Friday, December 31, 2010

MaryJanes and Galoshes

MaryJanes and Galoshes

Click the link above for the cutest little necklace tutorial ever! I will be making one of these asap:) I will be updating the shop shortly!

happy new year to all!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The naming of the shop.

I can’t say that I thought long and hard about what to name my shop. Some things just… come to me. Let me tell you a little bit about my name (I know I posted a bit about this a while back, but today I feel re-inspired (is that a word?). You see, my dad is David Coil and his dad is Cecil Coil and his mom was Desha Coil. Yep, just like me!

I’ve heard that she wasn’t the sweetest of old ladies, nor was she a fantastic cook (at least I can blame the name!), but she was a Coil, and my mom liked the sound of it. So into this world I came on December 23rd 1983, a brand new Desha.

Now folks, I’ve done a little calculation for you, so that you can understand the implications of naming your child something that is a bit … off-kilter.

I have estimated that I spend roughly five minutes of each day explaining my name to various individuals. The clerk at Publix, the lady at Subway, someone from church, a client, and the list goes on.

That’s 1,825 minutes a year. If I live to be 80, that’s 146,000 minutes in a lifetime. That comes out to be roughly 2,433 hours or 101 days! I will spend 101 days of my life explaining my name. I shudder at the thought.

Usually, my conversations with clients go something like this:

Me: Thank you for calling BB&T at the Naples Office, this is Desha Coil, how may I help you?
Client: Who?
Me: This is Desha Coil, how may I help you?
Client: Sasha? Besha?
Me: No, Desha, with a D.
Client: With a B?
Me: No, with a D as in David.
Client: Oh, Desha! Now spell that for me.
Me: D-E-S-H-A
Client: Okay, Desha, wow, now that is unusual.
Me: (trying to convey a tone of patience) Yes, yes it is.
Client: Where are you from?
Me: I’m from Tampa. My name was my great-grandmother’s.
Client: Oh, and where was she from?
Me: I’m not sure.
Client: Oh, it sounds like it’s from [insert country of choice].
Me: Yes, it sure does.

This is a delight.  If I were a slightly less pleasant person, it would go like this instead:

Me: Thank you for calling BB&T at the Naples Office, this is Desha Coil, how may I help you?
Client: Who?
Me: This is Desha Coil, how may I help you?
Client: Sasha? Besha?
Me: Sarah.
Client: Oh, okay Sarah, I need you to look up my account…

Voila! So simple! So painless! But alas, I cannot lie.

I did actually meet a man named Desha recently- his name is pronounced “de-shay” and he is French. Perhaps I can start telling people I’m French.

I digress. This post was intended to be about the naming of my shop. My reasoning in naming the shop “desha” is that, if people take half as much interest in the shop name as they do in my personal name, I think I smell a recipe for success!

I did, however, run into a recent problem when creating the shop’s Facebook page. I was going to name it desha, which would make sense. However, when I began to send out messages to friends, I realized they would read: “Desha Coil suggests you like desha.” I thought that people might be a little off-put by the idea of a fan-page for me, so I changed the FB page to Desha. The Store.

But, you know, maybe someday I will have my own fan page! Until then, visit desha (the store.  I don't refer to my self in third person) at:
And try to name your children something simple, okay?

An Update from the Banking Industry

I wouldn't be doing my duty if I didn't keep you posted on what the bankers are up to and, even more importantly, what the media are saying the bankers are up to.

I felt a great deal of satisfaction this morning when I read 4 ways we keep wasting money on MSN.  My friends, it is as I suspected, and I am just tickled about it!  Remember how our kind government swooped in to save us all from the horror of overdraft fees?  Remember how they were going to force banks to expose their cruel and inhumane tactics and put a stop to all these wretched charges that were causing the poor to get poorer and the rich to get richer?  Man, it was going to be earth-shattering.

Since I work in the banking industry, let me tell you how it went down:

Government: Hey banks, we need you to disclose your overdraft policies to your clients.  Give them the option of letting their card decline when they don't have enough money, instead of automatically allowing the purchase and charging exorbitant fees.
Banks: (big sigh) Okay, we'll do that.  But that means we have to mail out tons of letters, make lots of phone calls and train all of our staff on these new policies, which will cost us a lot of dinero (cash, moola).
Government: Not our problem.
Banks: Yes, but we are already a struggling industry, and now the FDIC is charging us more for insurance, and it is getting harder to give loans because of poor credit, and we're sitting on vacant homes, and-
Government: Again, not our problem.

So off we went, calling our clients, mailing letters to our clients, printing brochures, updating our websites, training our staff, dealing with much confusion, all to save people from overdraft fees.  It was a good cause.

And then today, look what I see!

As many as 75% of bank customers have opted to keep overdraft "protection" and the fees incurred, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Illinois-based Moebs Services, a banking analyst, estimates banks will collect upward of $38 billion in overdraft fees next year, up from this year's estimated $35.4 billion.

That's right, right from MSN, the people who love the banking industry oh-so-much, and spent much of their time earlier in the year explaining why banks are evil and these new government changes would save your life.  You know what the problem is?  People don't want the life preserver.  They would rather flail around in the water and complain that no one will save them from drowning. 

So now we spent ridiculous amounts of money to create the legislation, ridiculous amounts to update consumers on how the banks are handling the changes, and hardly anything even changes!  Life preservers are expensive, my friends.
You know what I say?  Get rid of all the preservers and teach them how to swim!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Custom-Made and Beautifully Packaged

I've been having a little fun lately, making some custom items and packaging them up in pretty little bows: