Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I guess the blog and the shop have already been on vacation, but I'm officially announcing a leave of absence/ sabbatical that will hopefully bring me back rested and full of new ideas. Well, with a new baby, probably not rested, but I'll definitely be overflowing with ideas.
Little Cody is scheduled to arrive next Tuesday at the latest, so Mom and baby will be spending some much-needed time at home, bonding and doing all that new mommy stuff.
I'm updating the blog from my phone, so excuse the photo quality, but here are a few sneak peeks of the nursery... I'm still not totally unpacked yet!

Til next time!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Modern Country Coastal Dreaming

It is as you feared: I am already daydreaming about what I would do to our new home, if in fact it becomes our new home. I think I probably jinx us every time by obsessing, but I have far too little self-control to stop myself.

The idea is modern country coastal. Clear as mud? I may be setting myself up for disaster, but I like WHITE. White, white, white, with some blues and tans and browns. Beachy, but not as in shell lamps and palm tree bedspreads. I may live in Naples, but I am not 80. The reason I say I may be setting myself up for disaster is this: I am having a little baby boy who will likely be comprised at least halfway of Raph's genes. Raph, my wonderful husband may I remind you, is an aircraft technician by trade. He likes to... work on stuff, get dirty and oily and greasy and gross. Therefore, I may have two very dirty, oily, greasy and gross men on my hands. Perhaps white, then, is not the best option- but a girl can dream.

Google and I spent some time together today, searching for inspiration- ways to spruce up the 1988 home with some modern country coastal touches. Here are some images that might help paint my picture for you:

Image from Country Living

Image from Apartment Therapy
Image from Flax and Spindle
Image from Live Your Style
Image from Casart Coverings
Image from Ocean Interiors
I especially love the image from Flax and Spindle, which was probably originally from another site- but they have a lovely shop as well, so I like to peruse the blog for inspiration.

Anyway, now we wait for our appraisal results, which we should have by next Friday if everyone is on their toes (hate to be cynical, but usually everyone is NOT on their toes). If the appraisal comes in under value, we either fork over the cash to make up the difference, or the seller drops her price (hate to be cynical, but have not had much luck with that option in the past either).

Until next time, happy modern country coastal dreaming!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Babies, houses and puppies, oh my!

I'm in the final stretch of the race, folks, and the baby is beating me. All of these strange things are beginning to happen, for example: when I look in the mirror, I see now this strange, cow-like creature that never used to be there before. It's also in pictures that are taken of me. The pretzels I brought for lunch taste vaguely like jet fuel, and my beloved watermelon has taken on some tomato-like qualities that are beginning to gross me out. Chocolate pudding, however, is standing the test of time, emerging as the clear champ and possible contributor to the cow that has stolen my identity.
Climbing the stairs to my condo now counts as my daily work-out, and a temperature much higher than 72 is unbearable. My poor husband freezes at night, which is hysterical because I used to be the one begging to turn the temperature up.
Frankly, this little man is in complete control of my body. It's like he's in there steering the ship. I sure hope he knows what he's doing- he doesn't even have a name yet, and he's already controlling my life!
In other news, the house saga rolls on. The seller has accepted our offer on the latest potential home to enter our lives! So, as we have learned from past experiences, now the big next step is the appraisal: if the home comes in under value, the seller either has to drop the price, we have to fork over the difference in cash, or the deal is kaput. The other piece of that pie is that the home has to live up to FHA standards, which we aren't too worried about since it's in good condition.
Exciting thought: this one's on 2.27 acres, and the back is totally fenced, meaning: we will be reunited with our sweet little puppy man! (see photo) He's been living out at Raph's grandma's, so we'll be excited to have him back!
Inspection on the house comes this week, so more details to come!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Identity Protection

Image from listverse.com

We break from our regularly scheduled blabbing about crafting and babies to bring you an update from the financial services industry. (Because, you know, that is what I do.) I particularly want to plug BB&T's Identity Protection, or any Identity Protection really, provided you get all the same good services from your bank's product. But first, here's my story:

It is with shame that I admit I didn't start building my own credit until about a month ago. Go figure, I talk to people all day, everyday about the benefits of establishing solid credit- and I don't even have my own!
You see, my parents were of the mindset that a youngster like myself, at the tender age of 18, shouldn't have a credit card. I dare say that, in my case, they were probably right. I would eat Ramen Noodles for weeks on end, but then show up home from college with a new outfit, not to mention more overdraft fees than anyone should experience. So, yes, Mom and Dad were probably right in withholding credit from the younger, more irresponsible version of myself. We'll call her past Desha.
Past Desha caused future Desha some problems. When my husband and I started looking for a home, we quickly learned that I couldn't be on the loan. My lack of credit, in the lending industry, is worse than bad credit! My nonexistent score would cause our mortgage rate to skyrocket, so much to my chagrin, the hubs will be the lone soldier on our loan.
Up until the recession, I probably could have snagged a small credit card at a retail store, but I failed to do that. So about a year ago, I tried applying for credit cards and realized that, without a co-signer, I was out of luck. I bought a new car a month ago, and with my mother as co-signer, FINALLY started building my credit. (Someone suggested I pull from my retirement savings to pay in cash, but a quick bit of research on that will show you that the tax penalty will far outweigh the interest you pay. NOT a good idea.)
So what does all of this mean to you? It means a) that you shouldn't make the same mistake as past Desha, and b) assuming you probably haven't, you should get signed up for Identity Protection.
If you've never experienced Identity Theft, the possibility of it might seem like a distant dream, one that could never happen to you. I myself have not endured it, but as you might guess, my experience in the banking industry has introduced me to many who have. This is no fun situation- this is not simply using your debit card once or twice before you catch it. This can go so far as to encompass the use of your social security and other information to actually open loans and run up debt in your name- all without you knowing. One day, you stroll into your local bank to apply for a loan, and when you get declined, the story begins to unfold- often much too late for you to be able to do anything about it. Identity Protection, at least at BB&T, means you get your own case worker in that scenario: someone who will do all the dirty work on your behalf. You can only imagine how tedious it might be to contact and convince financial institutions that you were not, in fact, the person who opened those loans in your name.
You also get up to $10,000 as reimbursement for expenses or lost wages incurred as a result of fighting the Identity theft. There's even a credit hotline available to you for when you have questions about your credit report and updates.
Now, back to my credit and why I really like the product: credit monitoring with alerts! I signed in the other day (online, super easy and secure) and for the first time, got to see my credit SCORE! Take that, past Desha! Now, I won't tell you what it was, because obviously with about a month's worth of credit under my belt, I have a long way to go. But I will say, there's a power in knowing what's going on with your credit. If you are a control freak like I am, you're probably already on the edge of your seat. My credit report included all credit and collections reported under my social, as well as addresses associated with my social (totally forgot I lived on 62nd in Gainesville... wayyyyy back in the day!). It even had a little section that explained exactly what was positively impacting my credit and a synopsis of the bad stuff. For example, you may not realize it, but if you are using over 50% of the available credit on your revolving lines, that is negatively impacting your credit (some people think keeping a balance and continually paying it down is a good thing- but not necessarily).
Yes, you can go to annualcreditreport.com, and get one credit report from each reporting agency annually(that's three). But I'll tell you a few reasons why that won't cut it:
  • That site only gives you the report- no score, and not nearly as much info explaining the report.
  • If you're like me, and you can't remember one of one million addresses you've had (also a negative factor in determining credit worthiness), you might not even be able to access the report! They have to verify you're who you say you are- and trust me, trying to clear that up will make you want to give up on the whole endeavor.
  • No alerts! BB&T's Identity Protection comes with alerts- either by e-mail or by paper mail. So now that I've started building my credit, I can keep up with any new factors affecting my report.
  • Identity Protection gets you a report every quarter, not just every year. So you're not left in the dark for months on end.
All in all, I'm telling you it's worth the $6.50 per month that it will cost you. Even better, if you're on a joint account, you both get coverage for only $7.50 per month.
So, as they say in How I Met Your Mother, don't let "future Ted" or "future Marshall" worry about your credit. Take charge of it now, and your future self will soon be very proud of your past self.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

26 Weeks and a Neglected Blog

Well folks, after much speculation, it turns out we’re having a baby boy! I thought Raph could use an extra female in his life, but apparently it’s me who needs another male (how this could be possible, I know not).

I’ve started registering, which usually starts out fun and then quickly becomes tiring. Why is there a car seat and a car seat base? And why are there 500 different types of strollers? There may even be 500 different types of pacifiers, for crying out loud- each with a devoted following. All I have to say is: back in the days of A Land Remembered (best book about old Florida. Ever.), they didn’t have strollers and binkies and diaper genies. And those people turned out just fine, minus the malaria and other Oregon Trail-esque diseases and disturbances.

Next on the agenda is deciding on a name. We have absolutely no picks so far. Raph likes boring names like Bill and Bob and Joe and John. I like… well, not those. So our little man remains nameless. It’s too bad you can’t name children like you name dogs: like if he comes out and he’s really hairy, we’ll name him (duh!) Harry! Or since he’s such an active little bean, maybe he could be Buckaroo! Or Sparky! But surely, people would frown upon that.

Off the baby subject, I think it’s about time to revamp the blog… frankly, desha the store is in shambles because Desha the woman has no time anymore! Or maybe the correct statement is that I have no energy (carrying a baby is a tough job!). So the blog will need to redirect it’s focus: something to encompass the following :

• wedding planning (yes, we are already husband and wife but our big day will come after the baby is born)

• preparing for baby (and then later, raising baby)

• house hunting (and hopefully soon, house decorating!)

• crafting in the time in between

Perhaps instead of “desha. designing your accessories.” it could be “Desha and the three boys.” You know, like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs- except I only have Grumpy (that’s Raph… don’t tell him I said that!), Sleepy (that’s the bean), and Dopey (that’s Maverick the yellow lab). Anyway, whatever title I decide on, the blog image and layout are currently under construction. Hang in there while I get it together!

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of the Save the Dates Christine and I created, which I am still in the process of mailing out:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fabulously Pregnant

Maybe the title is a little misleading. Fabulous may not be the right choice of word, but let me tell you, there are days when I feel as high as a kite. Like, "yeah, I'm pregnant, aren't I cute?" My co-worker told me, "you're going to be one of those women who says, 'Oh, I LOVED being pregnant,' and the rest of us will all secretly hate you for it." I'm not sure if I'd go that far, but like I said, there are days.

What I have learned is that when you're pregnant, everyone loves to give you advice and stories and tell you what you will and won't experience. But everyone is different. For example, one of my clients told me she DOUBLED her weight when she was pregnant. Go ahead, pause in shock. I would DIE. She said it was all stomach, which I find hard to believe, but STILL. If I have a 100 pound belly, I'm not leaving my  house. Just saying.

So far I've gained about 10 or 15 pounds, and I'm about halfway. I have no idea if that is normal or not, and I'd rather not know. When you're as high as a kite, you don't exactly care if you're a fat cow. Besides, if I am, I'm a cute cow. If there ever was such a thing.

Can you believe how positive I am? For those who know me, I was in a constant state of shock for the first three months. Genuine, mouth-agape, dumbstruck shock. And slight panic as well. Now I'm happy. But they say the second trimester does that to you. Deceitful, shameful second trimester: making me feel like my state of mind is way better than it actually is. But truly, now that my honey bun and I are officially husband and wife (don't worry, the actual wedding is next year and there will be loads of photos), I feel much better. AND, guess who's getting a new car soon? That's right, me!

Anyway, so you probably want to know about our little butter bean. Supposedly it's about three quarters of a pound and the size of a banana. It kicks and jumps and rolls and pokes, usually in the evenings right after work, and then again right before bed. We find out on June 7th whether we are having a boy bean or a girl bean, and I'm trying hard not to have a preference. I'm excited though, to plan a cute little nursery! After this, I'm headed over to Ikea.com to scope out the baby furniture. Yay!

In the meantime, I've been salivating over some Rosie Pope items. For your viewing pleasure, and until next time:

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Prego Files

Well, I bet you thought I was gone for good. What a bad blogger I am!

Now that the cat's out of the bag, I can tell you the reason I've been absent for a while: I'm having a baby! Yep, that's right, lil' ol' me- bringing a life into this world. Trust me folks, I was and am and will continue to be just as shocked as you are. So of course my mind has been consumed with visions of wedding bells and baby buggies, and most definitely not crafting (although I am coming around). We have lots and lots going on right now: house-hunting, pre-marital classes (maybe I'm weird, but does anyone else LOVE going to these things?), prepping for baby and of course planning the wedding. Although I'll tell you, pretty much all we've done are the first two. The last two have just been sort of rollin' along. Slowly. But. Surely.

Do you KNOW how much there is to do when there's a baby on the way? My head is spinning. I'll spare you the details, but head on over to The Bump if you're curious. I started a pregnancy journal, and I was going to post all of it on my blog here, but as I go back and read some of my first entries, I feel slightly embarrassed at the high levels of emotion leaping off the pages. So for now, secrets I will keep. BUT I will share some of my favorite entries with you:

February 20, 2011

Week 9, officially determined last Tuesday by Ultra Sound

So I was a smidge further along than initially guessed, which I kind of suspected due to my ravenous appetite and unbearable bloating. Not that I know a thing about being pregnant, but I guess some things are just instinctual. I have informed my loving Raph (now my fiancé, yay!) that this is not the end of sexy Desha. He is aware of what I should be eating and how often and how much I should be exercising. I told him all of these things and asked him to repeat them back to me, just to make sure. It is good for Baby for Mommy to stay healthy, and it is good for Mommy to feel beautiful. That is also good for Daddy, too.

My parents know, which was a monstrous weight off my shoulders. I cried like a baby when I told my mother, and she said, “Desha, it’s not the end of the world.”

To which I responded, “I know it’s not, I was just scared to tell you!”

I consider my mother to be my best friend, but she does have a certain way of sending you subliminal judgments. It’s true, folks. Even through the phone line! You don’t even have to see her face, you just know. After a discussion about it, she and I decided that maybe this is due to the fact that she never held back when Kenny and I were younger, so at this point we pretty much know what she thinks about any and every scenario we could ever see ourselves faced with. She said, “at least there aren’t any surprises.” Yeah.

So anyway, Raph and I went for our first ultrasound, which was completely amazing. We could see the baby clear as day, and hear it’s fast little heart beat too. It even moved! When that happened, I started laughing, which made it hard to see the screen. Leave it to us: our baby is dancing at nine weeks, jammin’ out in there, saying, “can I come out to play?” I cried a little. Nine weeks, she said. Due date: September 20th.

Raph told his parents and they were ecstatic as I suspected, and he finally told his grandmother who had a good laugh over her little grandson having a child. So we’re moving right along, and the whole family knows. I am waiting until our next appointment to announce it to the world (the world means Facebook, because really everyone close to me already knows. But all the old friends and acquaintances, they can wait).

I’ve been lucky so far because I haven’t had much morning sickness, just a little queasy here and there. I’ve been absolutely starving though. This is something funny I read in What to Expect When You’re Expecting:

Lots of women have that “oops” moment when they step on the scale at the end of their first trimester and discover they’ve gained 8,10, a dozen pounds, or more in three short months. Sometimes it’s because they’ve taken “eating for two” just a tad too literally (you are eating for two, but one of you is really, really small) relishing sweet releases from a lifetime of dieting.

Gulp. That might be me! But I can’t help it! I’m so hungry! I’ve never been so hungry before in all of my life. Today for example, I had a big bowl of frosted mini wheats for breakfast around 9 am. Then around 11 am I was hungry again so I had a Jimmy Dean turkey sausage and egg breakfast bowl. Then around 12:30 I was hungry again, so I made myself a banana/peach/orange smoothie. It’s 1 and I’m hungry. Does anyone understand? It’s 1 pm, I’ve eaten three times, and I’m still hungry!

And by the way, I will say I have a bit of a bump. I know it’s not all Baby, but it’s there and it’s not as easy to suck in these days. So I read this in WTEWYE as well:

Several possibilities might explain why you’re showing so early:

Small build. If you’re slender to begin with, your growing uterus may have nowhere to hide, causing a bulge even when it’s still relatively little.

I have to admit the list went on, but I’m choosing that one as my reason. Yep, small build.

February 24, 2011

Week 10

Boy am I tired. I just had some chicken pan fried noodles at Fuji, and now I feel like I could crawl into bed and sleep for three days. It’s 7:33pm.

I am starting to see the famous blue veins forming on my tummy and elsewhere, which kind of makes me smile because it means the bod is doing what it needs to do to feed the little bean. Bean. Ha! More like a worm. I swear it takes all of my nutrients. This thing is going to be a giant. Imagine that! Little me, and out comes an Amazon person. The headline reads: Woman Gives Birth to Baby Twice her Size.

I admitted to Raph tonight that frankly, I’m frightened. Frightened to breastfeed. In Sippy Cups are Not for Chardonnay, breastfeeding is compared to having a “rhesus monkey” on your nipple, “only with a lot more screeching, and it’s not coming from the baby.” I don’t know what a rhesus monkey is, but I don’t want it on my nipple.

So I brought this subject up to Raph’s mom, and she concurred! Why, my friends, have I not heard this before? Or maybe I have and just dismissed it as something I wouldn’t ever need to know or care about. Yep, the latter is probably true.

So then today I open up my e-mail and there’s a message from The Bump that says something along the lines of, “Enter to Win Fantastic Angled Breastfeeding pillow!” I almost entered, but then I thought I had better not jump the gun. Then again, as I typed those words, I thought: maybe the pillow would be good- it would kind of free up my hands. That way, if it’s really painful, I can just start pulling my hair out one strand at a time, to distract from the monkey on my boob.

I’m kidding, people. I don’t rip my hair out from anxiety (although apparently that is a thing).

March 8, 2011

Week 12

12 weeks today, yeah! I don’t know what happened on the last entry. I must’ve gotten hungry and wandered off to find something satisfying in my kitchen full of unsatisfying things.

So I get these e-mails now, from different Prego websites (yes, I’ll admit, I initiated them). Today’s said “Congrats, you’re 12 weeks,” and then went on to tell me that the nausea, vomiting and fatigue would go away. Since I’ve only had the fatigue, this is no big relief: I kind of like having an excuse to sleep a lot. Things to not look forward to include more lightheadedness and headaches. This morning I thought I was going to pass out for like a whole hour. Come on people, feel sorry for me. I am kind of a little person already, and now my body’s giving all of its effort and attention to the little one, while I get neglected. I just keep wondering where the energy from all of this food is going. I am eating a lot of food.

So I finished Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy over the weekend. I cried hysterically during the entire last chapter, which given was only about five pages long, but still. I will hand it to her, though: she really gets down to the nitty gritty when it comes to pregnancy. One of my favorite passages, below, has to do with pooping during labor (I know, eeeeeewwwww, but it’s for real):

I freaked out when my mother said in passing, “I hope you don’t poopie on the table, dear.” I was astonished. I was like, “what the hell are you talking about, Ma?” She went on to tell me that when you are pushing during delivery, you “bear down” just like you do when you’re going Number Two and that sometimes you push out a little poopie. I handled back pain and rib popping and nasty red face rashes and more, but this I couldn’t handle… I continued to bug my mother about this, and she kept reassuring me that it’s no big deal because they whisk it away so quickly (now there’s a job for ya… Do the nurses know this will be one of their tasks when they sign on to work in labor and delivery?). And by that point in delivery, she said, you could really care less. She had given birth to four girls, she had pooped on the table almost every time… and she had never mentioned this. Ah, but now that she had opened the floodgates, she shared another beautiful detail with me: Hers were like logs. I was like “MA, NO WAY! Stop scaring me.”
Can you believe that? I feel sorry for her mom. Her poopie story got shared with the whole world! Frankly, I just love the fact that they call it “poopie.” It makes the story that much more comedic.

So those are some of my more light-hearted moments. I have had plenty of the other sort as well. Anyway, since my fashion focus now does not include anything I see on skinny people, I thought I'd share some of my favorite maternity outfits (I found the best maternity store EVER, and I am ashamed to admit it may also be the most expensive maternity store EVER- but hey, that's what I get for living in Naples).


She Knows Pregnancy Fashion (blog)


So, it seems as though it is possible to be cute and pregnant! Now... to be cute after pregnancy... somehow I feel like THAT'S going to be the tricky part.

Monday, February 21, 2011

La la la, I'm getting hitched!

I've been daydreaming a bit (a LOT) lately about our big day.  Actually, I guess it has graduated from daydreaming to actual planning, considering it will probably be about a year away...

I made this treasury on Etsy to see what my color scheme looks like... and, I must say, I LIKE it! Mom and Dad have teal stairways and patios all around the outside of the house, so I thought incorporating that color would make sense...

Here's the treasury, Just a little something, a little something blue.

And here are some of my faves out of it (all pics are from Etsy, click the link above for more info on the sellers):

Liz Birdcage Half Veil with Swarovski Crystals

Hair pin and brooch (2 in 1)Champagne/pale beige,Tiffany blue,Navy, Ivory lace Flower Rose, rhinestone
Custom Shabby Chic Rosette GARTER SET (with toss garter) in Aqua Mint and Ivory Winter White with Vintage Jewel Accent - Gift for the Future Bride in Your Life 6-8 week delivery
Stylized Deep Tiffany Blue Love Birds

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Design Party Numero Uno- by desha, with a lower-case d

The ladies and I had such a fun time last night, designing our little hearts out! 

I learned a few important things from my first-ever design party:

1. Don't need so much food- people are way too busy designing.
2. Don't even need so much wine!  This was a pleasant surprise:)
3. I offered demonstrations on two necklaces and gave the ladies their choice.  Next time, I will demonstrate one piece, and let the ladies vary it as they please.  This means less up-front cost for me, as well as less wait-time for the gals.
4. As I continue on this venture, I will plan to have design party "hosts."  My hosts will have the party at the location of their choosing, as well as provide whatever they desire in the area of food and beverages.  My host will get a free piece out of the desha collection, and of course all of the guests will get 20% off their total desha purchase!
5. I bring the goods.  That means tools, design supplies, etc.  I had given the ladies a choice for this party, but everyone opted to use my materials anyway, which I think is less confusing.
6. Someday I'd love to have a design boutique- a real, live storefront with a section for shopping and a lovely, plush area for designing.  Wouldn't that be fun???  A girl can dream...
7. I need a designated picture-taker.  Perhaps the lady who volunteers will get a free gift!  As you might guess, I took no pictures.  I think a few of my guests did though, so I will post as they come.
8. Christine is such a doll for being my assistant design instructor!  What a duo.  I'm not sure I could have managed without her- it would have taken a lot longer.

So, here are the two pieces I taught:

And of course each of the gals got a little gift:


And finally, here are some little goodies I've been working on.  The brown one I made originally to be a Kindle case.  But really, it 's super cute as regular ol clutch.

 Happy Saturday folks!  It's a beautiful day here in Naples, and I am off to enjoy it!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Treasury Tuesday: Pop!

Oh, this one is BRIGHT and brilliant.  I picked someone else's treasury to share today.  I especially LOVE this adorable and hillarious piece:

Shut the front door funny coffee mug cozy handmade

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Paper Valentine Heart Garland

In honor of V-Day, I created these paper hearts.  And I must say, they turned out pretty darn ca-yute!

My plan is to string them together for a heartfelt garland:) 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Treasury Tuesday: My Bathroom has the Blues!

I've decided to add a little... repetition. predictability. formality. pattern. format to the blog.  And it is called, Treasury Tuesday!  I really hope no one else has already thought of that, or I might get a sweet little note saying, "hey! Stop taking my ideas!" 

There are so many creative and talented Etsians out there, I thought I should dedicate a day to sharing the beauty.  For today, I decided on a peaceful array of blues and whites, since I re-did my bathroom this weekend in those colors (pictures to follow...)!

Here's a sneak-peek, but check out the rest on Etsy:

Gray White Eco felted Slippers Handmade

typewriters are awesome diagram hand towels - set of 2
BASMATI RICE - Blended Creme Soap
Turkish Bath Towel - Harem Peshtemal - Ivory - Blue Stripes

Monday, January 17, 2011

Woohoo! Brooch Giveaway!

Congrats to Leslie who won the giveaway!!!  Thanks to all who participated:)  I will be posting another one soon!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh Joy!

Oh Joy! is a fantastic blog that I have been meaning to link to before, but I happen to be a bit scatter-brained, so it just hasn't happened!  They have absolutely charming photography along with excellent style and design ideas.

Anyway, go take a look if you haven't already.  And by the way,







Image from Oh Joy!

And while we're on the teal and orange theme, look at what Anthropologie has on their front page!  Ahh!  Magnificent!

Image from Anthropologie

Monday, January 10, 2011