Saturday, January 29, 2011

Design Party Numero Uno- by desha, with a lower-case d

The ladies and I had such a fun time last night, designing our little hearts out! 

I learned a few important things from my first-ever design party:

1. Don't need so much food- people are way too busy designing.
2. Don't even need so much wine!  This was a pleasant surprise:)
3. I offered demonstrations on two necklaces and gave the ladies their choice.  Next time, I will demonstrate one piece, and let the ladies vary it as they please.  This means less up-front cost for me, as well as less wait-time for the gals.
4. As I continue on this venture, I will plan to have design party "hosts."  My hosts will have the party at the location of their choosing, as well as provide whatever they desire in the area of food and beverages.  My host will get a free piece out of the desha collection, and of course all of the guests will get 20% off their total desha purchase!
5. I bring the goods.  That means tools, design supplies, etc.  I had given the ladies a choice for this party, but everyone opted to use my materials anyway, which I think is less confusing.
6. Someday I'd love to have a design boutique- a real, live storefront with a section for shopping and a lovely, plush area for designing.  Wouldn't that be fun???  A girl can dream...
7. I need a designated picture-taker.  Perhaps the lady who volunteers will get a free gift!  As you might guess, I took no pictures.  I think a few of my guests did though, so I will post as they come.
8. Christine is such a doll for being my assistant design instructor!  What a duo.  I'm not sure I could have managed without her- it would have taken a lot longer.

So, here are the two pieces I taught:

And of course each of the gals got a little gift:


And finally, here are some little goodies I've been working on.  The brown one I made originally to be a Kindle case.  But really, it 's super cute as regular ol clutch.

 Happy Saturday folks!  It's a beautiful day here in Naples, and I am off to enjoy it!

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