Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Treasury Tuesday: My Bathroom has the Blues!

I've decided to add a little... repetition. predictability. formality. pattern. format to the blog.  And it is called, Treasury Tuesday!  I really hope no one else has already thought of that, or I might get a sweet little note saying, "hey! Stop taking my ideas!" 

There are so many creative and talented Etsians out there, I thought I should dedicate a day to sharing the beauty.  For today, I decided on a peaceful array of blues and whites, since I re-did my bathroom this weekend in those colors (pictures to follow...)!

Here's a sneak-peek, but check out the rest on Etsy:

Gray White Eco felted Slippers Handmade

typewriters are awesome diagram hand towels - set of 2
BASMATI RICE - Blended Creme Soap
Turkish Bath Towel - Harem Peshtemal - Ivory - Blue Stripes

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