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The Prego Files

Well, I bet you thought I was gone for good. What a bad blogger I am!

Now that the cat's out of the bag, I can tell you the reason I've been absent for a while: I'm having a baby! Yep, that's right, lil' ol' me- bringing a life into this world. Trust me folks, I was and am and will continue to be just as shocked as you are. So of course my mind has been consumed with visions of wedding bells and baby buggies, and most definitely not crafting (although I am coming around). We have lots and lots going on right now: house-hunting, pre-marital classes (maybe I'm weird, but does anyone else LOVE going to these things?), prepping for baby and of course planning the wedding. Although I'll tell you, pretty much all we've done are the first two. The last two have just been sort of rollin' along. Slowly. But. Surely.

Do you KNOW how much there is to do when there's a baby on the way? My head is spinning. I'll spare you the details, but head on over to The Bump if you're curious. I started a pregnancy journal, and I was going to post all of it on my blog here, but as I go back and read some of my first entries, I feel slightly embarrassed at the high levels of emotion leaping off the pages. So for now, secrets I will keep. BUT I will share some of my favorite entries with you:

February 20, 2011

Week 9, officially determined last Tuesday by Ultra Sound

So I was a smidge further along than initially guessed, which I kind of suspected due to my ravenous appetite and unbearable bloating. Not that I know a thing about being pregnant, but I guess some things are just instinctual. I have informed my loving Raph (now my fiancé, yay!) that this is not the end of sexy Desha. He is aware of what I should be eating and how often and how much I should be exercising. I told him all of these things and asked him to repeat them back to me, just to make sure. It is good for Baby for Mommy to stay healthy, and it is good for Mommy to feel beautiful. That is also good for Daddy, too.

My parents know, which was a monstrous weight off my shoulders. I cried like a baby when I told my mother, and she said, “Desha, it’s not the end of the world.”

To which I responded, “I know it’s not, I was just scared to tell you!”

I consider my mother to be my best friend, but she does have a certain way of sending you subliminal judgments. It’s true, folks. Even through the phone line! You don’t even have to see her face, you just know. After a discussion about it, she and I decided that maybe this is due to the fact that she never held back when Kenny and I were younger, so at this point we pretty much know what she thinks about any and every scenario we could ever see ourselves faced with. She said, “at least there aren’t any surprises.” Yeah.

So anyway, Raph and I went for our first ultrasound, which was completely amazing. We could see the baby clear as day, and hear it’s fast little heart beat too. It even moved! When that happened, I started laughing, which made it hard to see the screen. Leave it to us: our baby is dancing at nine weeks, jammin’ out in there, saying, “can I come out to play?” I cried a little. Nine weeks, she said. Due date: September 20th.

Raph told his parents and they were ecstatic as I suspected, and he finally told his grandmother who had a good laugh over her little grandson having a child. So we’re moving right along, and the whole family knows. I am waiting until our next appointment to announce it to the world (the world means Facebook, because really everyone close to me already knows. But all the old friends and acquaintances, they can wait).

I’ve been lucky so far because I haven’t had much morning sickness, just a little queasy here and there. I’ve been absolutely starving though. This is something funny I read in What to Expect When You’re Expecting:

Lots of women have that “oops” moment when they step on the scale at the end of their first trimester and discover they’ve gained 8,10, a dozen pounds, or more in three short months. Sometimes it’s because they’ve taken “eating for two” just a tad too literally (you are eating for two, but one of you is really, really small) relishing sweet releases from a lifetime of dieting.

Gulp. That might be me! But I can’t help it! I’m so hungry! I’ve never been so hungry before in all of my life. Today for example, I had a big bowl of frosted mini wheats for breakfast around 9 am. Then around 11 am I was hungry again so I had a Jimmy Dean turkey sausage and egg breakfast bowl. Then around 12:30 I was hungry again, so I made myself a banana/peach/orange smoothie. It’s 1 and I’m hungry. Does anyone understand? It’s 1 pm, I’ve eaten three times, and I’m still hungry!

And by the way, I will say I have a bit of a bump. I know it’s not all Baby, but it’s there and it’s not as easy to suck in these days. So I read this in WTEWYE as well:

Several possibilities might explain why you’re showing so early:

Small build. If you’re slender to begin with, your growing uterus may have nowhere to hide, causing a bulge even when it’s still relatively little.

I have to admit the list went on, but I’m choosing that one as my reason. Yep, small build.

February 24, 2011

Week 10

Boy am I tired. I just had some chicken pan fried noodles at Fuji, and now I feel like I could crawl into bed and sleep for three days. It’s 7:33pm.

I am starting to see the famous blue veins forming on my tummy and elsewhere, which kind of makes me smile because it means the bod is doing what it needs to do to feed the little bean. Bean. Ha! More like a worm. I swear it takes all of my nutrients. This thing is going to be a giant. Imagine that! Little me, and out comes an Amazon person. The headline reads: Woman Gives Birth to Baby Twice her Size.

I admitted to Raph tonight that frankly, I’m frightened. Frightened to breastfeed. In Sippy Cups are Not for Chardonnay, breastfeeding is compared to having a “rhesus monkey” on your nipple, “only with a lot more screeching, and it’s not coming from the baby.” I don’t know what a rhesus monkey is, but I don’t want it on my nipple.

So I brought this subject up to Raph’s mom, and she concurred! Why, my friends, have I not heard this before? Or maybe I have and just dismissed it as something I wouldn’t ever need to know or care about. Yep, the latter is probably true.

So then today I open up my e-mail and there’s a message from The Bump that says something along the lines of, “Enter to Win Fantastic Angled Breastfeeding pillow!” I almost entered, but then I thought I had better not jump the gun. Then again, as I typed those words, I thought: maybe the pillow would be good- it would kind of free up my hands. That way, if it’s really painful, I can just start pulling my hair out one strand at a time, to distract from the monkey on my boob.

I’m kidding, people. I don’t rip my hair out from anxiety (although apparently that is a thing).

March 8, 2011

Week 12

12 weeks today, yeah! I don’t know what happened on the last entry. I must’ve gotten hungry and wandered off to find something satisfying in my kitchen full of unsatisfying things.

So I get these e-mails now, from different Prego websites (yes, I’ll admit, I initiated them). Today’s said “Congrats, you’re 12 weeks,” and then went on to tell me that the nausea, vomiting and fatigue would go away. Since I’ve only had the fatigue, this is no big relief: I kind of like having an excuse to sleep a lot. Things to not look forward to include more lightheadedness and headaches. This morning I thought I was going to pass out for like a whole hour. Come on people, feel sorry for me. I am kind of a little person already, and now my body’s giving all of its effort and attention to the little one, while I get neglected. I just keep wondering where the energy from all of this food is going. I am eating a lot of food.

So I finished Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy over the weekend. I cried hysterically during the entire last chapter, which given was only about five pages long, but still. I will hand it to her, though: she really gets down to the nitty gritty when it comes to pregnancy. One of my favorite passages, below, has to do with pooping during labor (I know, eeeeeewwwww, but it’s for real):

I freaked out when my mother said in passing, “I hope you don’t poopie on the table, dear.” I was astonished. I was like, “what the hell are you talking about, Ma?” She went on to tell me that when you are pushing during delivery, you “bear down” just like you do when you’re going Number Two and that sometimes you push out a little poopie. I handled back pain and rib popping and nasty red face rashes and more, but this I couldn’t handle… I continued to bug my mother about this, and she kept reassuring me that it’s no big deal because they whisk it away so quickly (now there’s a job for ya… Do the nurses know this will be one of their tasks when they sign on to work in labor and delivery?). And by that point in delivery, she said, you could really care less. She had given birth to four girls, she had pooped on the table almost every time… and she had never mentioned this. Ah, but now that she had opened the floodgates, she shared another beautiful detail with me: Hers were like logs. I was like “MA, NO WAY! Stop scaring me.”
Can you believe that? I feel sorry for her mom. Her poopie story got shared with the whole world! Frankly, I just love the fact that they call it “poopie.” It makes the story that much more comedic.

So those are some of my more light-hearted moments. I have had plenty of the other sort as well. Anyway, since my fashion focus now does not include anything I see on skinny people, I thought I'd share some of my favorite maternity outfits (I found the best maternity store EVER, and I am ashamed to admit it may also be the most expensive maternity store EVER- but hey, that's what I get for living in Naples).

She Knows Pregnancy Fashion (blog)

So, it seems as though it is possible to be cute and pregnant! Now... to be cute after pregnancy... somehow I feel like THAT'S going to be the tricky part.

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