Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Babies, houses and puppies, oh my!

I'm in the final stretch of the race, folks, and the baby is beating me. All of these strange things are beginning to happen, for example: when I look in the mirror, I see now this strange, cow-like creature that never used to be there before. It's also in pictures that are taken of me. The pretzels I brought for lunch taste vaguely like jet fuel, and my beloved watermelon has taken on some tomato-like qualities that are beginning to gross me out. Chocolate pudding, however, is standing the test of time, emerging as the clear champ and possible contributor to the cow that has stolen my identity.
Climbing the stairs to my condo now counts as my daily work-out, and a temperature much higher than 72 is unbearable. My poor husband freezes at night, which is hysterical because I used to be the one begging to turn the temperature up.
Frankly, this little man is in complete control of my body. It's like he's in there steering the ship. I sure hope he knows what he's doing- he doesn't even have a name yet, and he's already controlling my life!
In other news, the house saga rolls on. The seller has accepted our offer on the latest potential home to enter our lives! So, as we have learned from past experiences, now the big next step is the appraisal: if the home comes in under value, the seller either has to drop the price, we have to fork over the difference in cash, or the deal is kaput. The other piece of that pie is that the home has to live up to FHA standards, which we aren't too worried about since it's in good condition.
Exciting thought: this one's on 2.27 acres, and the back is totally fenced, meaning: we will be reunited with our sweet little puppy man! (see photo) He's been living out at Raph's grandma's, so we'll be excited to have him back!
Inspection on the house comes this week, so more details to come!

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