Thursday, July 7, 2011

Modern Country Coastal Dreaming

It is as you feared: I am already daydreaming about what I would do to our new home, if in fact it becomes our new home. I think I probably jinx us every time by obsessing, but I have far too little self-control to stop myself.

The idea is modern country coastal. Clear as mud? I may be setting myself up for disaster, but I like WHITE. White, white, white, with some blues and tans and browns. Beachy, but not as in shell lamps and palm tree bedspreads. I may live in Naples, but I am not 80. The reason I say I may be setting myself up for disaster is this: I am having a little baby boy who will likely be comprised at least halfway of Raph's genes. Raph, my wonderful husband may I remind you, is an aircraft technician by trade. He likes to... work on stuff, get dirty and oily and greasy and gross. Therefore, I may have two very dirty, oily, greasy and gross men on my hands. Perhaps white, then, is not the best option- but a girl can dream.

Google and I spent some time together today, searching for inspiration- ways to spruce up the 1988 home with some modern country coastal touches. Here are some images that might help paint my picture for you:

Image from Country Living

Image from Apartment Therapy
Image from Flax and Spindle
Image from Live Your Style
Image from Casart Coverings
Image from Ocean Interiors
I especially love the image from Flax and Spindle, which was probably originally from another site- but they have a lovely shop as well, so I like to peruse the blog for inspiration.

Anyway, now we wait for our appraisal results, which we should have by next Friday if everyone is on their toes (hate to be cynical, but usually everyone is NOT on their toes). If the appraisal comes in under value, we either fork over the cash to make up the difference, or the seller drops her price (hate to be cynical, but have not had much luck with that option in the past either).

Until next time, happy modern country coastal dreaming!

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