Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fabric Dreams

Have you been wondering where I've been? Well, maybe not, but I'll tell you anyway: my several-month vacation from the blogosphere was filled with baby-having, baby-raising, house renovating, wedding planning and other completely enveloping aspects of life. The baby part, though- that's good stuff. Totally worthy of non-blogging, non-designing, and just generally doing nothing but baby stuff. I mean, look at him. You'd have the same problem.

Yep, just hanging out in Mommy and Daddy's bed (note the completely awesome framed Beatles poster in the background). He seems to like it there. Can't imagine why.

I have been dying to get back, though, so I guess this is the kickoff. I had something really exciting in mind for my first post, but somehow it has eluded me.
Ollie, Mango
Ollie Mango

Good Life Chintz, Spring
Good Life Chintz, Spring
I just purchased a couple yards of fabric from Tonic Living, and I'm so excited about it that I ALMOST spent the extra money for rushed shipping. But I restrained myself, as hard as it was.
 Take a look at my fabric choices, Ollie Mango and Good Life Chintz, Spring, respectively. Aren't they fantastic? I love GIANT prints.

I have a few undisclosed projects in mind, including making over a few of my living room pillows with the green fabric. I need a little brightness in my life.

I have used their fabric before for this purpose, as well as a super cool framed piece that I have hanging in our entry way (see below).

But, as my parents fondly say, those projects are "ATW." After the wedding. Right now, I have been instructed not even to purchase another book for my Kindle, for fear that I might get distracted and stop the endless wedding prep work.

In fact, I hadn't even given much thought to fabricy (fabricky?) home projects until I had the bright idea to get a custom drape quote from Tonic Living for the outdoor curtains we'll have at the wedding.

And actually, if I didn't think we were capable of creating them on our own, I would have undoubtedly had them make the drapes. The quote was around $600, for beautiful fabric custom-made into 40 yards of curtain! That's pretty incredible.

My framed Tonic Living fabric

The gal over at Rambling Renovators had some made for her living room, and they are GORGE! But I digress. Again, ATW.

So I've been perusing the Internet in search of outdoor-wedding-curtain inspiration, and have come up mostly empty.

1. 2.
3. 4.
Here are a few photos I happened upon, none of which capture the "fabric wall" essence we are aiming for.

What about you? Ever seen any giant outdoor curtains I might take inspiration from? I am looking for how-to's and photographic muses!

Anyway, I look forward to sharing our wedding/ new home/ new baby journey with you, as well as some new accessories on the Etsy shop! More to come soon, and I promise not to leave you ever again! :)

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