Monday, January 23, 2012


I am completely obsessed with Show and Tell.

I speak not of preschool activities, my friends. I speak of the. most. amazing. blog. ever. EVER.

She refinishes all kinds of furniture. She creates absolute masterpieces that make we want to take a month off and just try to come close to equaling her talent.

Do you see this?

She turned it into this:

That's right, go ahead and gasp in complete, unadulterated shock and pleasure.

How does she do it, you ask? My friends, I do not know. (She hasn't updated that part of her blog yet.) All I know is, I intend to find out.

This weekend, my Manly Mechanic was away at work while Cody and I (okay, mostly me) perused the blogosphere. It was therein that we found Show and Tell. I had so entirely indoctrinated  myself into the belief that, with little more than my own talent, Manly Mechanic's tools and a stroke of easy-to-come-by genius, I could accomplish these same types of feats.

My hubs came home to a grinning me, sitting on the sofa in computer bliss. "I think I want to try refinishing some of our furniture," I told him.

"Oh yeah?" He said, "like what?"

[Grins again.] "Everything," I cooed.

He was quite supportive until he had a sudden twinge of panic over where my preferred space might be. You see, he has a "shop," his very own home-away-from-home, where he can play with his boat and his tools and smoke cigars and drink beers and bang on his manly gorilla chest. You can see it here:

Yep, that's the old Cam Cam sitting out front.

Understandably, he was worried I might infringe upon his detached garage man-cave. I have promised, however, that I will not do so.

BUT, I did not promise that I wouldn't raid it for things to refinish!

Here are a few items I discovered in the gorilla-chest-beating man space:

An old table he found in the attic. (Excuse the mess.)

Another shot of the table, my first choice for refinishing.

A sander! Manly Mechanic hasn't used it since his surfing days!

Me holding the sander. To get a feel...

A GIANT medicine cabinet!

His buddy was getting rid of it!

Again, excuse the mess.

I could DEFINITELY find a use for this thing. (Too bad our bathrooms are teensy weensy.)

As you can see, the shop is full of all kinds of guinea pigs for my new found inspiration! The hubs has tried to convince me to start by refinishing this:

Old rocker from my folks. It IS vintage...

What do you think? I think the table would best suit my amateur abilities. And of course, as though I had to say it: all of this is ATW (after the wedding).

I'll keep you posted! Can't wait to destroy, toss out, practice on and eventually refinish into magnificence some old furniture. Wish me luck!

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