Sunday, February 12, 2012

expensive finds and their thrifty counterparts: living room furniture.

I have been dreaming about all the exciting things we're planning on doing to the house ATW (after the wedding.) That dreaming includes a lot of perusing Anthropolgie and some of my other favorite stores.

Here is the Thackery Chesterfield sofa from Anthropologie. This is the chartreuse version.

Isn't it gorgeous? Price tag: $2,498. I pretty much love anything tufted, and when you add on the nail head trim  on the arms, I'm madly and obsessively in love. I wondered to myself when drooling over this sofa: I wonder if I could find something like this used. And so off I went to craigslist, where I searched in furniture for sale, and typed in "vintage sofa."

Look at what I found!

image 0

Technically you could re-cover it, but personally I like the mustard yellow. I would love to refinish the wood though, to a white-distressed. And actually, wouldn't it be cool if the primer was gold, so the distressed portions showed a little gold? Sigh. You could even, gasp, add a nail head trim to the front, underneath the cushions, and around the wood trim on the arms.

Price tag for this one: $550, which includes a matching loveseat.

Here's another beauty, the Amelie Sofa, in Blazing Poppies:

This one is $2.498. Isn't it cool? A little wild I'll admit, but what a great accent piece! Everything else could be white, and then BAM. Blazing poppies.

Finchleigh Camel Back Sofa w/ Ball-n-Claw Feet
Finchleigh Camel Back

Wouldn't it look great covered in something like this:

Garden Gate, Garden
Garden Gate fabric from Tonic Living, $9.95 per yard

 Here's another I found over at Ethan Allen for $2,099.  Looks almost exactly like the one above!

And if you're not into buying used (vintage), there are plenty of new, inexpensive options in local retailers.

Head on over to World Market, and there you will find this, the Erin Cute-as-a-Button Loveseat:

Erin Cute-as-a-Button Loveseat | World Market
Guess how much she costs? $449.99. If you like the tamer look, you can stick with the fabric choice. Or, for about $9.95 a yard, you can re-cover it with something like this from Tonic Living:

Varenna, Sky
Varenna in Sky

More sighing. Oh, to find the time.

I guess you could just bite the bullet and buy the expensive versions, but where's the fun in that?

What do you think, Anthropologie or craigslist, Ethan Allen or Etsy? Tough call, I know!

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