Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Women in Power

This morning I was listening to the Bob and Sheri show, and do you know what Sheri said?

She said (paraphrased), "when I first started in radio, my boss at the time called me into his office and said, 'hey, little girl, I'm going to tell you the most important thing you ever need to know about working in radio. Here it is: women don't like other women.'"


Sheri of course went on to say how offended she had been that someone would make such a blanket, prejudiced statement.

And I guess I agree. But. There was that little voice in the back of my mind saying, but, it is kind of true. And sad.

I only know this because a) I can remember being one of those women at times, and b) I have worked with many women who seemingly deplore other women. And it got me thinking. (Like so many things do.)

As a younger woman, I think I was always on the defensive, assuming other women were trying to one-up me, out-do me or bring me down. And then I matured and realized that when women come together and truly encourage one another, they can accomplish great things. There are many women in my life (including of course, but not limited to, my family and bestest friends, whom I of course adore) that I love so very very much and for whom I hope the very very best.

Look at all of the beautiful women in my family!

And my girls... how could I forget my girls?

However. (And of course you knew there would be a however.) Those women do exist. You know, the one-uppers, the kind who can't be happy for you, the kind that don't know who they are, so they try to steal a bit of who you are. The kind that give us all a bad name. It's actually interesting, because recently I've come into contact with a few such women. Women of power and influence, "heavy hitters" you could say. The kind of women who climb the ladder. Funny thing is, I am no such ladder-climber. Not to say I lack ambition- I have plenty of it, but the climbing looks tiring. I'd rather do what I do, do it well, and maybe have a positive impact on someone's life along the way. And hey, if that involves a fabulous career or some hefty cash-flow, even bettah!

Anyway. My recent experiences have just further solidified my stance that women hold women down so much more than men do. As long as there are women in power who trample others to get to the top, or who hold other women back because they feel threatened, we will never get very far in the business world. These "women-don't like-other-women" types are always viewed by the majority as a bit of a joke, which only means that their time at the top will be short-lived. And even if that time isn't cut short, what kind of legacy will they leave anyway?

Do you know what took place a few weeks ago, that I didn't get to go to? The Altitudes Design Summit, a conference for design bloggers. The majority of the attendees were female (although men were included!), and it was all about how to grow your design blog. Women teaching women! Women encouraging other women! These women are very accomplished and have a lot of unique talent, and they are sharing it with others. That, my friends, is how women should treat each other.

It doesn't have to be the way that Sheri's boss described it. Women can like other women. There is nothing I enjoy more than bouncing creative ideas off of my girlfriends, my mother and so many other women in my life. I come up with some of my best work when I'm musing with them.

In fact, look who I stumbled upon the other day: TheGirls With Glasses! What a great, creative female duo (see below)! We should all be so lucky. I will leave you to peruse their inspiration and hilarities, and to think about these questions: what would the business world be like if more women were like those at the Alt Summit? What other successful female collaborations can you think of? Go, ladies, go! Go forth and encourage:)

The Girls with Glasses Show
Go check them out, they're hysterical!

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